How to get the most ROI?

How to get the most ROI?

Top 5 to Rock Your Bottom Line


Are you tasked with finding ways to boost your bottom line? Getting desired outcomes from your staff can seem like a daunting task at times, causing added stress. Multiple generations, different personalities, conflicting agendas, human emotions, to name a few, can get in the way of meeting the financial objectives for the organization. However, this 5 star approach can bring your growth and profit margins to new heights, AND reduce the stress for you and your staff.

Assessing the Health of Your Organization

Let’s take a health & fitness analogy. Being a lover of exercise and wellness, I began to see the similarities between our personal health and the financial health of an organization. I know….I am probably getting a few boos right now to those that dread their exercise time. But it gets easier as you begin to see results. The laws of nature apply to an organization’s profit margin just like our own health. The quality of what we put in, determines the quality of what we put out. If we are not prepared going in, then we experience less than optimal results going out. For an organization, we rely on people to deliver healthy messages daily; to our clients, other staff members, vendors, and more. Without a good message, growth can become sluggish and costs can be in the millions per year.

One poor conversation can cost an organization millions of dollars. Ouch!

How to recognize symptoms that trouble is looming

Symptoms of trouble are sometimes obvious, while others remain silent until they erupt into a major dis-ease that takes over the organization. The saying “silence can be deadly” applies here.

Obvious Trouble: Do your staff members and customers show low engagement? Are you experiencing slower growth than desired, shrinking profit margins, low morale, silos, high turnover, difficulty attracting good talent, personal conflict (often turning into explosions during meetings and customer interactions). It is not uncommon to hear….. there is no agenda in our meetings, nothing gets done, meetings are a waste of time, our staff struggles with problem solving. These are all symptomatic of problems that are already hurting the bottom line.

What you don’t know can hurt you

Less obvious, but even more troubling, are the silent symptoms that linger under the surface every day. Employees and clients go silent when communication is ineffective . Real issues are hidden behind what appears to be status quo. Undermining agendas are formed (similar to the show Survivor, where alliances are formed and someone gets kicked off the island each week). The organization’s purpose has now quietly shifted away from the company mission and a new culture is emerging without drawing any attention. Very similar to a personal health crisis that shows no symptoms until it is too late, a company is in a health crisis, and the costs can be in the millions for a company.

Employee turn-over is costly

Just like exercise, this task of “how to get from A to B” may seem daunting for many. We start training but then we get too busy to really implement, no congruency with training methods, too infrequent to get results. Sound familiar? However, the process of fueling an organization with positive energy, vibe, and more respectful interactions, long term, can be easier than you may think.

How to Rock your Bottom Line?

We help companies grow by delivering a cost-effective training method: Our method centers around respect for people and continual improvement that is seamless, reduces stress, and provides measurable results. Research shows that for training to be effective, a hybrid approach is best for optimal financial performance. That is why Speak So They Listen has taken only the most useful techniques, with over 50 years of combined experience, and designed a 5 star system to Rock Your Bottom Line AND reduce stress?

Our turn-key five star method:

Step 1: Assessing your organization’s needs:

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at begin to change.” Perception plays an important role in how we see our organization, ourselves, and other people.

What challenges does your company face? What symptoms do you see arising that are inhibiting growth and profitability. Where are you now and where do you want to go from here?

Step 2: Rules of Engagement: We demonstrate the same skills we teach. Engaging your audience is modeled in all our workshops. We engage participants with an energized trainer and visual format that is designed to ignite confidence, build skill level, and motivate for continual improvement. You will become skilled at the Rules of Engagement to use in your next 1:1 conversation, meeting, or presentation.

Step 3: Short Digestible Chunks of knowledge: Time is money and attention spans are shortening: We deliver in small digestible chunks of knowledge, introducing only the most useful tools in a proven order for maximum skill building.

Step 4: Practice is a must for immediate use. Statistics show that there is only a 20% retention rate on new material. Practice raises this level by 40%.  

Step 5: Last but not least…….reinforcement after the training raises ROI by 60%.

Our mobile Train Your Brain App provides a user-friendly tool kit that goes where you go. Be prepared for all your future conversations, meetings, and presentations. Reinforcing builds higher skill levels which in turn ensures those new skills are put into practical use, long term.  Why pay for training that will be lost moments after participants leave. Your employees will use the new skills more frequently, allow for better application, yielding higher returns. In addition, as a leader, you will be able to measure and evaluate training impact and ROI.


What is your companies’ health score?