Our Story

Who we are?

Jeneen McNally

President of Speak So They Listen, LLC

Jeneen McNally is an energetic and accomplished corporate trainer, speaker, interviewer and business developer.

Rachel Clawson

Director of Business Development, Speak So They Listen, LLC

Rachel’s skills to help companies grow come from her proven ability to collaborate with business owners and executives to accomplish extraordinary growth.

The fundamental pieces

of Speak So They Listen

The fundamental pieces of Speak So They Listen started with Jeneen’s Mother and Mentor, Shirley Jallad, in 1964.  Her passion for teaching started early.  As she witnessed the excitement in others as they learned life changing skills, her career path took her into global corporate training and speaking. Shirley is responsible for creating and delivering many of the programs you experience today.

Our Secret

Why Choose Us

Common ground

Additionally, these three share one common purpose that was shaped by experiences at the same college.  Shirley, Jeneen, and Rachel all attended Hillsdale College located in Hillsdale, Michigan.  As a liberal arts college that prides themselves on growing generations of leaders with high character, it is not surprising that they share a common purpose for their work.

What we do?

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