Our Fundamental Pieces

The fundamental pieces of Speak So They Listen started with Jeneen’s Mother and Mentor, Shirley Jallad, in 1964. Her passion for teaching started early. As she witnessed the excitement in others as they learned life changing skills, her career path took her into global corporate training and speaking. Shirley is responsible for creating and delivering many of the programs you experience today.

During high school and college breaks, Jeneen would go with her Mother when she taught workshops on assertive communication, meeting facilitation, business writing, presentation skills, and conflict management.  She was enamored by 3 things:

  1. A Role Model: Watching her mother’s incredible confidence, her poised and polished speaking and how she captivated every audience.  Jeneen wanted to be like that too!
  2. Impact on people & Organizations:  The participants loved what she taught and how she taught it.  Jeneen saw change before her eyes as they practiced the tools and techniques her mother presented.
  3. Value of being an entrepreneur.   Jeneen inherited her parent’s passion for being an entrepreneur.