Our Secret

Common ground

Additionally, these three share one common purpose that was shaped by experiences at the same college.  Shirley, Jeneen, and Rachel all attended Hillsdale College located in Hillsdale, Michigan.  As a liberal arts college that prides themselves on growing generations of leaders with high character, it is not surprising that they share a common purpose for their work.

Helping others grow and learn life-changing tools and techniques that will benefit their lives both personally and professionally.



At the core of their journey is the idea of respect for others and continual improvement.  In today’s world, diverse workforces represent a variety of generations and cultures where respect and effective communication are the foundation for growth.   The programs that are offered at Speak So They Listen LLC. are a combination of over 80 years of combined experience, multi-generational inclusions, combining techniques that stand the test of time while adding a unique and exciting edge that makes learning fun, easy to follow, and master for immediate use.