Rachel Clawson

Speak so They Listen’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales

…brings more than 10 years experience in corporate leadership and sales. Rachel’s skills to help companies grow come from her proven ability to collaborate with business owners and executives to accomplish extraordinary growth. Rachel has led a successful sales team at some of the industry’s top health and nutrition companies. She has served as Corporate Fitness and Stress Management Trainer as well as ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach where she has pre-choreographed Instructor Training Systems: Licensed to Health Clubs throughout the US and improved profitability of Health Clubs while impacting and improving the lives of women around the US for better and healthier lifestyles.

Previous to her Sales success, Rachel served as CEO of Clawson Homeland Security working with Fortune 500 companies at executive levels. She created and led high-producing strategies to grow the company. She has also done a lot of work in business development, financial, training, and licensing of business management systems and pre-formatted training content and instruction.

Rachel began her career in the banking industry as an Auditor and Loan Officer where she also taught management skills.  She holds a Bachelors of Finance degree from Hillsdale College where she met Jeneen McNally. She also completed her MBA in Business Management. Rachel operates her executive sales office from her beautiful home and takes pride in having time to spend with her children.

She lives a life of commitment to helping others grow to achieve greater health, happiness, and more productive lives. She is very passionate about leaving a lasting impact on people and creating positive, purpose driven conversations that improve lives. Her ultimate goal is to advocate for our youth, delivering respectful, assertive, communication tools and techniques that can change lives whilst becoming instrumental in transforming how current and future generations interact. She does all this and more while raising respectful and kind children.